Board & Advisory Council

Board Members

Harriet Moss

Board Chair. Harriet has created and served on the boards of numerous local, state and national nonprofits. She founded the Stinson-Bolinas Community Fund.

Marcia Barinaga

Former science reporter and board member of East Bay Community Foundation, Marcia is a sheep rancher in West Marin and a board member of Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT).

Susan Byrd

Susan is a clinical social worker, an Advisory Board member of the National Parks Foundation, and a trustee of the Lampert Byrd Foundation.

John Casaudoumecq

Finance Committee Chair. John is an investment and finance specialist, and a board member of Point Reyes National Seashore Association.

Gary Ireland

Finance Committee Chair. Former business owner, Gary was Vice President of Point Reyes Station Village Association and recent Board President of West Marin Community Services.

Cynthia Ohama

Treasurer. A small business consultant, Cindy was a founding member and first Executive Director of Coastal Health Alliance, and has served on many nonprofit boards.

Mary Rocca

Mary is President of the Palace Market and Rocca Family Vineyards, and served on the board of the Napa Valley Community Foundation for over a decade.

Ann Shulman

Vice Chair. Founder and President of Philanthropy Associates, Ann serves nonprofits and foundations in refining their priorities, leadership and services.

Lazuli Whitt

A federal and state post-conviction attorney, Lazuli served on the board of West Marin Community Services, and has two children at West Marin School.

Advisory Council

Nancy Bertelsen

Point Reyes Station: Community Outreach, Latino Engagement

Barbara Boucke

Stinson Beach: Community Outreach

Julie Cassel

Point Reyes Station: Elementary Education, Nonprofit Administration

Diego Chavarria

Point Reyes Station: High School; Youth Commission

George Clyde

Marshall: Community Affairs

Steve Costa

Inverness: Community Organizing, Co-Founder West Marin Fund

Elaine Doss

Nicasio: Community History, Education

Mark Dowie

Inverness: Journalism, Media

Ken Emanuels

Inverness: Community Service

Wendy Friefeld

Inverness: Nonprofit Leadership

Charlene Harvey

Stinson Beach: Parks & Land Conservation

Maureen Kennedy

Inverness: Affordable Housing, Education

Catherine King

Tomales: Media, Arts, Women’s Rights

Harriet Kossman

Bolinas: Arts & Education

Venta Leon

Tomales: Community Organizing

Jacob Leyva

Point Reyes Station: Music; Ranch Workers; Mediation

Toni Littlejohn

Point Reyes Station: Arts

Ted Lyman

Inverness: Law, Community Affairs

Peter Martinelli

Bolinas: Organic Agriculture

Linda Mornell

Bolinas: Psychiatry, Youth Development

Beth Perry

Stinson Beach: Community Outreach, Education

Rebecca Porrata

Inverness: Community Engagement, Health & Wellbeing

Ana Maria Ramirez

Point Reyes Station: Latino Engagement, Schools

Toni Rembe

Inverness: Law, Philanthropy

Dennis Rodoni

Olema: Marin County Supervisor for West Marin

Lexi Rome

Point Reyes Station: Convenings

Nancy Scolari

Point Reyes Station: Agriculture, Land & Resource Conservation

Mark Switzer

Point Reyes Station: Affordable Housing, Community Development