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Update Winter 2013

The West Marin Fund had an active year in 2013. Winter has us looking back and looking forward, with appreciation and anticipation both.

We made two rounds of grants this past year, for a total of 56 grants and $118,400.  Mostly small grants, they went to build the capacity of our many non-profits to raise funds, to professionalize their administrative practices, and to engage youth. The incoming grant reports show that most grantees used these funds to great advantage, leveraging other resources, making systems flow, reaching out to new donors.  The rewards flow both ways:  we are delighted to be of service.

We held two ConFabs for shared learning; we held numerous neighborhood house parties to talk about the Fund and local concerns; and we gathered our Advisory Council twice to share updates throughout our region.  The regular flow of information among us all seems to be reflected in our easy confidence as non-profits in service. We cajole one another, we share easily. It feels like more of us are working together.

As we look at 2014, we are grateful to our supporters who see the Value Added that the West Marin Fund is bringing to these coastal communities.  We’ll announce another round of grants in the first quarter, and we’ll host another ConFab in the first quarter as well.

We’re co-sponsoring the Mesa de las Abuelas dinner event in January, to convene Latino and Anglo leadership in a convivial expression of our shared interests.

With all this activity, the West Marin Fund is meeting its goals and is set to expand our presence in 2014.

Stay tuned for details on upcoming grants and activities.