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Giving Through Youth 2018

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2018 was a great year for Giving Through Youth. Thanks to the support of dedicated and generous West Marin Fund donors, the program expanded to include four West Marin classrooms with students ranging from 3rd to 8th grade.  Each classroom received $2,500 from the West Marin Fund to re-grant to local nonprofits.


Bolinas-Stinson School Students Make Their Presentations


Students at Bolinas-Stinson School, Nicasio School, and West Marin School experienced the excitement and challenges of making persuasive pitches with real-world outcomes for their chosen nonprofits.  The students learned about key agencies in their communities and then had to determine together how to allocate the funds allotted to their classrooms.  They also came together in their schools for presentations and discussions with their selected grant partners, West Marin Fund donors, staff, and Giving Through Youth Steering Committee members.



“I was so impressed with all you learned and your presentations. Each of you spoke so well in front of a big crowd. Congratulations on doing such a wonderful job!”

—Kathy Runnion, Founder & Director of Planned Feralhood

Planned Feralhood Receives Their Giving Through Youth Grant

The two Nicasio grant recipients are thrilled with this unexpected windfall. The Nicasio Valley Fire Department Disaster Council will be able to purchase the generator that will allow them to use Nicasio School Multi-Purpose Room as a disaster shelter. The Nicasio School Foundation will be able to provide high speed internet to families who have not been able to afford the cost of broadband.”

—Elaine Doss, Giving Through Youth Steering Committee Member & West Marin Fund Advisor

West Marin School Students and Giving Through Youth Donors and Steering Committee Members



Deep thanks to all of the students, teachers, administrators, and donors who made Giving Through Youth happen this year, and congratulations to all 2018 Giving Through Youth grant recipients!






Halleck Creek Ranch

Muir Beach Volunteer Firemen’s Association

Nicasio School Foundation

Nicasio Volunteer Fire Department

Papermill Creek Children’s Corner

Planned Feralhood

Tomales Bay Watershed Council Foundation

West Marin Community Services

West Marin Senior Services

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