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West Marin Fund is leading an initiative to help level the educational playing field in coastal West Marin, with a focus on the earliest years.

Our aim is to support high-quality, affordable pre-school for young children from low income families in coastal West Marin and to increase the quality of childcare both at home and at pre-school. Recent studies show that if children are given high-quality care in their earliest years, including attendance at pre-school, their chances of success in school and beyond are highly likely to increase in a variety of ways – emotionally, socially, professionally and academically. Studies also show that when parents have reliable, affordable and quality childcare that fits their work schedules, they are able to contribute more fully to the workforce and their community.

West Marin Fund  is addressing early childhood inequities in West Marin through grants and educational workshops over a five-year period. The Fund will work closely with the pre-schools of the area to:

  • Improve the availability and quality of childcare for low-income families;
  • Build parent knowledge and involvement in the care and education of very young children;
  • Bring together diverse partners with a commitment to achieving early childhood equity;
  • Increase access to and strengthen existing pre-school services.

This initiative complements and intersects with the vibrant efforts of a growing number of interconnected nonprofits, local school districts, early childhood development experts, teachers, community members and families that are partnering and collaborating to level the playing field in West Marin for all children from cradle to career.

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See Grants Awarded to Date

I think that being able to offer a full-time position will help us recruit an amazing new West Marin Playgroup Coordinator. I am so grateful to Marin First Five and West Marin Fund for your support and partnership.

Balandra FregosoParent Services Project

It has been amazing for my son and I to feel like we are part of a bilingual learning community. I appreciate the kits and the Spanish language books and activities. The kits have allowed me to focus on connecting with him through following instruction and learning.

West Marin parent

See our fact sheet on early childhood education in Marin and West Marin.

With many thanks to the following who are generously supporting the Early Childhood Equity initiative:

  • Marcia Barinaga and Corey Goodman
  • Maria and Patrick Bennett in memory of Michael Mery
  • Maureen Bennett
  • Nancy Bertelsen
  • Winston Black
  • Steve and Leah Brock
  • Buck Family Fund of Marin Community Foundation
  • Susan Byrd and Mark Lampert
  • John and Pamela Casaudoumecq
  • Steve Costa and Kate Levinson
  • Barbara Eastman
  • Freitas Foundation
  • Hendrickson Family Foundation
  • Hog Island Oyster Company
  • John and Molly Hooper
  • Becky Hudson
  • Gary Ireland and Elizabeth Zarlengo
  • Sally Jones and Jim Pellegrin
  • Linda Lustig
  • The Lyndon Family
  • Ron and Amanda Mallory
  • Kalila Minor
  • Harriet Moss
  • T.M. Ravi and Francine Lejeune
  • John and Suzanne Speh
  • Sterling Speirn and Diana Aviv
  • Susie and Britt Stitt
  • Lois Talkovsky
  • Sally and Tony Torrance
  • Anonymous Donors