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West Marin Fund strives to develop programs that respond to the needs of the communities we serve, based on regular surveys of our local non-profits. These include:


One of the ways that West Marin Fund accomplishes its goal of increasing financial support to the West Marin community’s nonprofits is through various grants programs.  Ultimately, the Fund’s goal is to have an endowment that enables it to provide operating grants to local nonprofits; until then, the Fund offers grant opportunities for specific purposes, e.g.,  increasing fundraising capacities, youth engagement, etc. Typically, there are two community grant cycles per year – Spring and Autumn. See a full list of past community grants.

West Marin Fund also provides grants on an annual basis through an innovative program designed to involve local youth in philanthropy and community service: Giving Through Youth. Learn More ».

Skillbuilding and Networking, our Workshops

West Marin Fund works to increase the capacity of the area’s nonprofit service providers by providing regular skillbuilding workshops at no charge.  Topics have included: using Facebook for fundraising; managing a board of directors; maximizing the use of information technology; making an iPhone video for websites, Non-Profit Law 101.

In addition to boosting the skill base of local nonprofits, these events provide a previously rare opportunity for service providers from Muir Beach to Tomales to get together for shared learning, for exchange of experiences and insight, and for the sheer delight of gathering with colleagues.

Technical Assistance

In West Marin, where there is no local government, West Marin Fund provides technical assistance in certain situations in which no other institution is available to do so. One example is the legal and contractual assistance the Fund gave the West Marin Commons in negotiating a lease on the McDonogh property in Point Reyes Station, now used as a public park.

Community Engagement

West Marin Fund hosts local house parties to bring neighbors together in shared conversation. We talk about ways to give through the Fund, and we listen to one another about leadership and financial needs in our communities.

The Fund also co-hosts events that meet our goals of supporting a thriving West Marin, like La Mesa de las Abuelas which identifies and welcomes emerging Latino leadership.