Why Workshops?

Many nonprofit organizations lack the funds and person-power to send their staff to training workshops where they can boost their knowledge and learn new skills.  This is especially problematic in a rural area such as West Marin, where attending most trainings can mean up to three hours’ travel.

One of West Marin Fund’s most popular services is the shared learning, skillbuilding workshops we offer our local nonprofits for free, the subjects of which are based on requests from the field. High quality, professional presenters address a particular topic, answer participant questions, and provide handouts for guidance and later use.

Equally important is the too-rare opportunity to meet with colleagues in an informal setting. Each workshop offers meet and mingle, compare and collaborate, supplemented with delicious locally sourced food. During the COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders, we have provided a range of training and professional input through video conference meetings, one-on-one coaching, and webinars.

Past workshops