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Connecting people who care to causes that matter for a just and thriving West Marin.

Our Mission

West Marin Fund is a community foundation that inspires giving and mobilizes resources to enhance the long-term wellbeing and quality of life for all in coastal West Marin.

Our Activities

West Marin Fund provides grants and training for local nonprofits, and convenes key stakeholders to help identify and fund equitable solutions to challenges facing people who live, work and visit in West Marin.

The Fund serves the West Marin coastal area, from Muir Beach in the south to Dillon Beach in the north, and the contiguous ranch lands. The area includes the 11 unincorporated villages of Muir Beach, Stinson Beach, Bolinas, Olema, Inverness, Inverness Park, Point Reyes Station, Marshall, Dillon Beach, Nicasio, and Tomales.

The Fund is a 501(c)(3) California public benefit nonprofit corporation. All donations to the West Marin Fund are fully tax-deductible.

Regional Realities

West Marin is beloved by many who seek its beauty, space and serenity, yet beneath its tranquil exterior lie many challenges for people who live and work here.

  • Financial Hardship

    While East Marin County communities such as Larkspur, Tiburon and Ross enjoy median income levels of approximately $54,800 to $64,400, the communities of coastal West Marin have a median income of approximately $32,360. 8.5% of the area’s households are below the federal poverty level. Many seniors struggle financially. Over 50% of students qualify for free or subsidized lunches.

  • No Local Government

    While the eleven unincorporated communities of coastal West Marin share many of the same issues and concerns, there is no regional government to bring them together — or the organizations that serve them — to discuss their common challenges or plan for the region’s future.

  • Service Gaps

    Because there is no local government to provide community services, the region depends on its 65+ nonprofit organizations to provide needed community services, whether in health, education, housing, or transport for its rural population.

  • Visitor Impact

    With more than two million visits a year to West Marin, a range of issues must be handled by the villages and small towns of this coastal area, including road safety, water, sewage, and transportation. The availability of housing – particularly affordable housing – is a critical issue affecting community cohesion and diversity, and the economic viability of businesses and nonprofit organizations.


  • Stewardship

    • We are champions for the unique communities of coastal West Marin, as well as for the region as a whole.
    • We hold West Marin Fund in the public trust, building enduring assets and maintaining the highest standards of integrity and transparency in donor relations, community service, institutional governance, and fiscal management.
  • Equity and Inclusion

    • We believe that our communities are more vibrant when all members have the opportunities they need to thrive and participate fully in community life.
    • We inspire giving and are committed to distributing assets to help all people in our region flourish.
  • Collaboration

    • We believe that we are stronger when we work together. We value the transformative power of partnerships based on mutual interests, trust and respect.
  • Responsiveness

    • We act strategically to ensure maximum effectiveness and enduring impact, supporting ongoing services while seeking new approaches to address changing community priorities.
    • We strive to bring excellence, compassion, humility and a spirit of generosity to all that we do.