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Welcome to our call for proposals for Community Enrichments Grants!

Please ensure that you carefully review the information on this page prior to filling your online application. Note that throughout the guidelines we use the term “organization” to mean formal organizations, informal groups, collaboratives, or collectives as relevant.


West Marin Fund is a community foundation that inspires giving and mobilizes resources to enhance the long-term wellbeing and quality of life for all in coastal West Marin. We provide grants and training for local nonprofits and convene key stakeholders to help identify and fund equitable solutions to challenges facing people who live, work, and visit in West Marin.

West Marin Fund is committed to supporting activities that promote justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion; challenge racism; and positively affect the health and wellbeing of marginalized communities, particularly Black, Indigenous and People of Color, as well as members of low-income households.

Amid the many challenges facing the Bay Area and beyond, West Marin continues to be a sanctuary due not only to its natural beauty but to its strong sense of community and solidarity. As the dynamics of the area change, West Marin remains united by a desire to enhance its unique spirit and increase community cohesion. In response, our Community Enrichment grants seek to strengthen the social fabric and cultural diversity of West Marin and encourage community action that advances solutions to shared priorities.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

– Nelson Mandela

Grant Range

The minimum amount awarded is $2,000 and the maximum is $4,000.

Application Deadline

Applications can be submitted online at any time of the year.


  • Application portal open throughout the year
  • Grants awarded every February, June, and October
  • Submission deadlines:
    • January 15th to be considered for February grant awards.
    • May 15th to be considered for June grant awards.
    • September 15th to be considered for October grant awards.
  • Six months after grant award: Activities completed & brief report due.

Purpose & Approach

The goals of our Community Enrichment grants are to strengthen the social fabric and cultural richness of West Marin and encourage community action that advances solutions to shared priorities. Proposals can be presented by community groups and non-profit organizations and could range from a one-time activity to improve a program or service, to community events celebrating our cultural richness and diversity. We also welcome one-time activities that seek to preserve or improve important community assets, such as historical records or public works of art.

Successful proposals will:

  • Explain how the proposed activity or event will respond to a priority for the community and strengthen the social fabric.
  • Describe how the organization has benefited the community in the past.
  • Demonstrate enough capacity to carry out the proposed activities.
  • Set specific goals to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the proposed activities.


Applicants must:

  • Be a registered 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) organization or a community group with a 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor. You are welcome to contact us if you need support identifying a sponsor.
  • Serve West Marin, ideally for the last three years.
  • Have a commitment to racial justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Priority will be given to organizations based in West Marin and those with an annual budget under $250,000.


West Marin Fund does not fund the following:

  • Individuals
  • Colleges and universities
  • Debt reduction
  • Disaster relief outside West Marin
  • Government agencies
  • Organizations with a report that is overdue, nor received an extension, on a previous grant
  • Political organizations and political purposes. This includes lobbying activities to influence legislators or voters on specific, pending legislation; and participation or intervention in an election campaign that expresses a view in support or opposition to a candidate for public office.
  • Programs or equipment that were paid for prior to the grant proposal period.
  • Religious organizations, unless it is for activities that benefit the entire community, regardless of religious affiliation.

Other Considerations

  • An organization can apply up to three times per year to Community Enrichment Grants (once per award window) and receive up to two Community Enrichment Grants a year.
  • Organizations may receive additional grants if they are acting as a fiscal sponsor for a successful applicant.
  • Organizations may apply to other types of grants offered by West Marin Fund.

Duration & Reporting

If awarded a grant, an organization will be expected to use the funds within six months. Short final reports will be due in the sixth month, with a brief accounting of expenditure and description of outcomes and lessons learned.

Selection Process & Schedule

West Marin Fund carefully reviews all proposals and applications received throughout the year. Proposals that meet the eligibility requirements are considered for funding for the nearest Grants award date (February, June, or October). If a proposal is not received a month prior to the nearest award date, it will be considered in the next one (provided the event or activity hasn’t already passed).

Application Process

Supporting Documentation

You will be prompted to submit:

  • Proposal Budget using the template provided in the application form. An amount not exceeding 10% of the Subtotal may be included for general administration costs or the fiscal sponsorship fee.
  • Organizational Budget for the last completed fiscal year.
  • If using a fiscal sponsor, a Letter of Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding with fiscal sponsor.

Submitting Your Application

  • Log on or Create a New Account online NOW OPEN
  • Review the detailed application guidelines
  • Download an outline of the application
  • Complete the application form
  • Upload the required supporting documents
Submit by
  • January 15th to be considered for February grant awards
  • May 15th to be considered for June grant awards
  • September 15th to be considered for October grant awards
If you have any questions regarding your application and the required supporting documents, please contact us at