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What's Happening

Many people who help make West Marin what it is – a place of beauty that welcomes hundreds of thousands of people each year to experience our landscapes, our locally grown foods, warm hospitality and artistic expression – are hard hit by the uncertainty and economic hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Particularly affected are residents and workers in the service sector who have lost their jobs or had their hours cut back, who live paycheck to paycheck with no financial safety net. Day-to-day life, expensive at the best of times, has become even more insecure and frightening, particularly for those with no health insurance, no access to unemployment benefits, and limited access to Federal and State emergency funds. Isolated seniors, families of low income with children, and essential workers are particularly at risk. The ongoing costs of food, medicine, rent, electricity, water, cell phones, a car – all weigh heavily. Life is further complicated by the closure of schools and childcare facilities, the threat of wildfires, political tensions, and the growing movement for racial justice.

The local nonprofits that provide much needed services in this unincorporated area are also struggling due to loss of revenue, the need for rapid service adaptation while pivoting to new requirements , and an upsurge in demand.

What We're Doing

West Marin Fund has established the COVID-19 Community Response Fund to address these challenges on an ongoing basis.

The Fund is taking the following action:

  • Awarding urgent funding to non-profits providing essential services in West Marin;
  • Supporting strategic initiatives that advance equitable, long-term and cross-issue solutions in West Marin;
  • Collaborating with the County, other foundations, donors and nonprofits to support those facing the greatest hardship – particularly low-income households with children, isolated seniors, and residents and workers with limited resources;
  • Helping local nonprofits link to governmental and other resources to strengthen their effectiveness.
See Grants Awarded to Date

We hope you are well and finding a safe haven with your family and friends. We thank everyone who continues to work on the frontlines to ensure we all have food, water, medical assistance, and other essential and emergency services.

Give Now via Credit Card

You can also make out a check to West Marin Fund and mail it to:
West Marin Fund (CCR) Post Office Box 1496 Point Reyes Station, California 94956

All donations are gratefully accepted.


With great appreciation to the following people who have made contributions to the COVID-19 Community Response Fund:

Doris Allen · Tom and Temia Anderson · Tess Ayers · Marcia Barinaga and Corey Goodman · Joan Beavin · Lisa Beritzhoff · Nancy Bertelsen · Donna Blakemore and Erik Sueberkrop · Joseph and Maureen Blumenthal · Millicent Bogert · Gray Brechin · Kris Brown and Scoby Zook · Christa Burgoyne · Mardi Burnham-Brayton · Suzuki Cady · James and Pamela Campe · Loren Carpenter · Robert Carrigan · John and Pamela Casaudoumecq · Joseph and Susan D. Cerny · Robert Chlebowski · George and Sheri Clyde · Joel Coen and Frances McDormand · Nancy Conner · Susan Daniel · Cecelia Donahue · The Draper Foundation · Ashley Dumbra · Barbara Eastman · Evelyn Eisen and Wes Sokolosky · Henry Elliott · Susan Evans · Sally Fairfax · Thomas Feldstein · Corrine Fitzpatrick · James Fox · Carol Friedman · Wendy Friefeld and Gary Thompson · Heather Furmidge · Rip Goelet · Bing Gong and Eleanore Despina · James Grant · Ann Sheree Greenbaum · Ellen Hamingson · Jane Hartley · Charlene Harvey · Ellen Hamingson · Susanna Henderson · Burr Heneman and Alexandra Rome · Tamara Hicks · Hooper Family Charitable Fund · Martha Howard · Constance Hunter · Barbara Jay · Thidaratana Jonjai · Maureen Kennedy · Catherine King · Harold Kruth · Francine Lejeune · Dick Lemon · Dan & Sophia Lin · Meg Linden · Toni Littlejohn · Jennifer and Marshall Livingston · Alfred and Maureen Lizak · Carolyn Longstreth · Jeff Loomans and Patricia Munter · Don MacKay · Ronald Mallory · William Manheim · Katherine A. Maxwell · Doreen Miao · Trish and Michael McEneany · Connie Mery · Laurie Monserrat · Jill Moore · Mary Morgan · Zea Morvitz · Harriet Moss · Nadine Muller · Hali Mundy · Nancy Nadaner · Harold Nathan · Laura Natkins · Caren Orum · Judy and Michael O’Shea · Paige Phinney · Rebecca and Carlos Porrata · T.M. Ravi · Lynn Relfe · Merritt Richmond · Elizabeth Sutherland Riney · Janet Robbins · Mary Rocca and Palace Market Staff · Barbara Romanoff · Taun Wright · Susan Scott · Sterling Speirn · Jane Stringer · Maureen Sullivan · Peter Svirsky · Robin Taylor · Judith Teichman · Rachel Tracy · Frank Truttman Jr. · Janet Visick · Elizabeth White · Kathleen D. and Louis A. Williams · Catherine and Marcus White · Hilary Winslow · Wobb Family Fund · Pamela Wright · Sophie Ziegler · and the many anonymous donors!