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Broad Reach

Even the most active local donor can’t know all that is happening in our communities.  Important work is being done by groups who are under the radar, either because they’re not formally incorporated as a nonprofit or because they don’t have the resources or know-how to promote themselves.  These under-recognized groups are some of the most dynamic and cost-effective service providers in West Marin.  Through our constant interaction with the region’s nonprofits, the West Marin Fund helps our donors link up with programs and projects they may be interested in but would never know about on their own.


As an individual donor, it’s difficult to know where one’s donation has gone and what it has accomplished.  Contributing through West Marin Fund helps donors make their charitable contributions more targeted, trackable and effective.


Donors who love West Marin and who want their money to “keep on giving” to the area well past their own lifetimes can accomplish this through contributing to West Marin Fund.


In a small community it’s difficult to remain anonymous as a donor. West Marin Fund offers its donors the option to donate without attribution.


As the current profound shift from public funding of public services to private philanthropic funding continues, donating to the West Marin Fund insures donors who love West Marin that their contributions are going where they’re most needed to keep our region strong, healthy and thriving.