Women & Girls’ Empowerment

With generous support from members of the community, West Marin Fund has developed a women & girls’ empowerment program in order to:

  • strengthen female skills, expertise and leadership of nonprofits that serve West Marin and its communities;
  • increase services, opportunities, and rights for women and girls who live, work and visit in West Marin;
  • encourage the participation of others – whether organizations or individuals – to identify and address inequities and discrimination faced by women and girls;
  • prevent inter-personal violence in the community.

Bolinas Community Land Trust $8,000

Provide professional and skills development for female staff, including those from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds, during a period of rapid growth so they can better serve the organization and the community.

Community Land Trust Association of West Marin $9,500

Support professional growth among female leaders in the organization and the community; address racial inequity and provide opportunities for women & girls to engage in creating stable and sustainable communities in West Marin.

Gallery Route One $9,500

Support the Latino Photography Project to support women and girls to step into leadership roles, by increasing self- esteem, learning new skills and gaining a sense of empowerment.

Papermill Creek Children’s Corner $9,500

Foster diverse parent leadership, strengthen parent-to-parent networks, provide information and training to create a cadre of parent leaders (mostly women) at the local level who help reduce child abuse and neglect.

Point Reyes National Seashore Association $8,000

Enhance and develop collaboration and communication strategies among women leaders at Point Reyes National Seashore Association and the National Park Service, to create a more cohesive team and better fulfill their organizational mission.

San Geronimo Valley Community Center $9,500

Transform existing youth programs to better support the health and wellness of women and girls, and elevate the knowledge of sports and education for young girls. Amplify the professional development of female staff members.

West Marin Community Services $9,500

Give Latina staff and community leaders the necessary tools and training to be effective in their work and in their communities. Provide space to learn and practice leadership skills. Support greater confidence and competence during a period of growth.

West Marin Senior Services $8,000

Develop a more robust, resilient workforce, with a more diverse, cross-trained staff capable of taking on challenging assignments. Enable part-time female staff to improve their language skills, acquire nursing recertification, and grow their leadership.

West Marin Fund is supporting representatives from each organization to meet twice during the grant period to share strategies, exchange information and learn about each other’s work.

Thanks to a generous donor, we are also supporting an initiative to prevent intimate partner violence in West Marin with a $50,000 grant to Canal Alliance.

The initiative aims to reduce the risk of violence by supporting the development of healthy relating skills in West Marin families, engaging fathers and other men in intimate partner violence prevention efforts, and developing a robust system of family support services for West Marin families