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Catherine Porter is making way for a new Executive Director

By February 28, 2017No Comments

We’re seeing a big transition at the West Marin Fund.

Our Executive Director Catherine Porter has served us with dedication and grace for five years, turning us from a good idea into a respected and responsive community foundation — and in a half-time position no less. Testament to our success under her leadership, we are now poised to expand our reach and our services to donors and grantees alike. Catherine will be leaving to make room for a full-time Executive Director as she continues her commitment to other projects.

We are grateful to Catherine for her gifts of leadership, community engagement and her shared delight in serving West Marin.

Catherine says “it’s been a gift to work in these communities I love so well, and to see us come together in meaningful service. From the grants programs to the ConFabs, the Executive Director breakfast sessions and the Advisory Council briefings — West Marin is well-represented with dedicated leadership and committed volunteers across its 11 communities. It has been a pleasure to watch us grow.”

“Thanks for 5 years of helping us be our mission statements” said one grantee.  Catherine will be missed.