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Executive Directors of West Marin non-profits

By March 31, 2015No Comments

We gather West Marin Executive Directors for a quarterly EDs Breakfast, to learn about common issues and share common concerns.  It is an exceptionally amiable gathering of people working on a shoestring in rural communities providing essential services… convinced we’re all in it together.

At our Summer 2015 breakfast, ED’s agreed on two new collaborative efforts:

• to work together with local media, so we can create better stories and better coverage of key issues in West Marin.

• to host an event for individual donors that would feature West Marin’s finest:  our food, our farms and our fabulous region, rich in resources but challenged with real poverty, real needs.  We’ll develop this more at our autumn breakfast.

Here’s a wonderful photo of some of West Marin’s dedicated Executive Directors.

EDs 2015
 Back row:  Skip Schwartz, WM Senior Services; Susan Tillett, Mesa Refuge; Mark Switzer, EAH and WM Commons; Marika Bergsund, Slide Ranch; Jamison Watts, MALT
Middle row: Louise Franklin, Dance Palace; Samaria Jaffe, PRNSA; Steve Siegel, Coastal Health Alliance; Bonny White, Marin County Free Library
Lower row:  Wendy Friefeld, WM Community Services; Oren Slozberg, Commonweal; Kim Thompson, CLAM; Amanda Eichstaedt, KWMR; Jennifer Gately, Bolinas Museum.