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Round One Grant Reports

By January 15, 2014No Comments

Our 28 grants for Capacity Building to Raise Funds went throughout West Marin, and were used to upgrade databases, to install new donor tracking software, to create fundraising events and website improvements…each one addressing a need identified by the non-profit.  Results were 80% positive, with a few still awaiting results of their improvements, or 2 held back by personal or personnel shifts — a reminder how lightly staffed are our smaller non-profits. And oh, the database improvements always take more time than we think!

We’re delighted that the grants leveraged so much good work, in some cases dramatically.

Illustrative of the experiences of “capacity building work” are these two quotes from grantees, and a few anecdotes:

“[The consultant’s] fee is not inexpensive and we may not have tried his services without the grant from the West Marin Fund.  I can honestly attest that it was the best $2,000 we spent last year.  AND  ”Database conversions are not easy!”


A sample of some Round One grants in brief, as they were reported:

Bolinas Children’s Center($2K):   through creation of a Facebook page and outreach they have a waiting list for the first time in over 13 years

CLAM, Point Reyes Station:  a grant of $4K to hire capital campaign consultant (Kim Klein) has helped them as they raised over $119K towards the first affordable home ownership opportunity in West marin in 30 years.

The New School/Commonweal, Bolinas:  $2500 grant for website redesign has almost tripled the traffic to their website.

EAC, Point Reyes Station:  $1K grant allowed them to apply for and receive $18K in new grant funding.

Friends of Sam’s House, Bolinas:  $1500 grant allowed them to organize their first fundraising event which raised $10K, gained them 40 new donors and will result in service to up to 24 new clients

Point Reyes Farmers Market: $1000 grant allowed them to upgrade their social media efforts, resulting in a 25% increase in their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram traffic

PRNSA, Olema:  $2K grant allowed them to hire a fundraising database consultant. Quote from Donna Faure, Development Director: “I can honestly attest that it was the best $2,000 we spent last year.”

West Marin Senior Services:  $1300 grant allowed them to implement new fundraising software, resulting in an increase of $19,200 in donations from lapsed, skipped and new donors.