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Summer Update 2014

By June 9, 2014No Comments


West Marin is abuzz with the arrival of summer visitors and all the activity they create which needs support.  We’re proud of our grantees for the ways they keep West Marin a highly attractive place to enjoy — beautiful landscapes, and towns that care for their residents and visitors alike.

We have 34 new grants in the field that we hope are supporting much-needed work among our community of non-profits.  We’re tracking some to make sure they get the most from their efforts — summer programs, planning for fundraisers, installing new technology features.

We’ve announced a new round of grants, inviting proposals by October 15 — which should continue to lift the capacity of our non-profits to do their work.

Latino Engagement remains high on our list of priorities. We’re delighted to co-sponsor (with Marin Literacy, West Marin Community Services, the West Marin Collaborative and others) activities that invite and engage our various Latino communities in a wide range of service activities. This starts with a Latino Empowerment training to take place in late September.  Organizers will host another shared dinner this summer to kick-off the feel-good fun of working together in our towns.

Affordable Housing is also high on the list of our Advisors and others in our community.  The Fund granted $5000. to CLAM for an audit that makes them eligible to apply for government funds — a necessary first step to getting housing for people who work in our communities.  Stay tuned here and in the local media for stories of what’s emerging on this front.

June’s Western Week-end in Point Reyes Station turned out a great crowd to watch the parade – a showing of community organizations that we and so many others support.  We captured many in photos on our Facebook page.

We continue to host House Parties among neighbors to hear about the Fund and to hear about their concerns and interests.  These wonderful gatherings always communicate care and need:  we hear what people care about and especially how much they care about West Marin.  We talk about the needs of our non-profits and the people they serve.  Up and down the Marin coast, we’re getting the word out about West Marin Fund’s services – our grants and gatherings.